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ECO is a full service environmental consulting company, providing services primarily in USA and Canada.  We help businesses and government entities comply with environmental rules and regulations, and provide innovative, cost effective solutions to promote environmentally sustainable enterprises.

We are the experts. We have a unique and highly valued proposition; Our Principals have a strong hands-on industrial background combined with extensive regulatory expertise, gained through 46 years of experience providing expert support on compliance and sustainability topics to major manufacturers and governments throughout North America.

Business entities, including manufacturing, medical, construction and commercial are subject to environmental laws and regulations.  Environmental requirements are technical, highly complex, and established at the federal, state and local level and change continuously.  Failure to comply with all the physical and administrative requirements can result in significant civil (and possibly criminal) enforcement action in addition to damaging vital business reputation and image. Most businesses require environmental experts help them meet their legal obligations.  ECO is the environmental expert. 

Certified MBE, WBE, SDB, WOSB, MOSB, 8(a) – Valid through Nov 2018, DBE, EDWOSB.

ECO was formed specifically to provide service to businesses needing to comply with environmental and safety regulations. With an emphasis on retaining the viability of business in North America, we believe ECO can make the difference for resource challenged businesses struggling to remain or become competitive while meeting regulatory obligations. Manufacturing, in particular, must find a way of competing in the global market and focus on core business activitiesor loose business to other regions. ECO's team of senior, experienced professionals trained in a Fortune 50 company can provide the technical expertise formerly only available to the biggest businesses. In a cost effective, efficient service manner, ECO can become an integral part of any business and provide the knowledge and support necessary to identify, plan and implement measures required to comply with environmental and safety regulations. Managing regulatory compliance risk has become a competitive disadvantage; ECO can change that and level the playing field with other regions.

Most large businesses retain dedicated environmental and safety staff to meet the demands of complying with regulatory requirements. A dedicated environmental staff represents a significant captive resource that does not support core business activities. Most small and medium sized business simply cannot sustain the level of non-core business resource commitment necessary and still remain competitive. The extensive and invasive nature of environmental and safety regulations leaves these businesses at substantial risk of not complying with legal obligations, in spite of honest, forthright effort to meet all requirements.

We believe the time is right throughout North America for businesses struggling to find resource efficiencies while achieving increasingly stringent regulatory requirements to seek the support of ECO services.